Looking for a Good Badminton Jersey Maker? Choose Custom.co.id!

Sedentary lifestyle is emerging these days due to the increasing use of technology. People prefer to stay at home all day to watch TV or playing games on computers instead of doing some exercise outdoor. This lifestyle will lead to a higher prevalence of obesity, which is not good to our health. A lot of people start to realize this condition and thus, choose to do sports to increase their physical activity.

Starting your routine exercise by doing badminton can be a great idea. Badminton is a very minimalist sport you can play everywhere. If you have no time to go to a sport hall, you can do it around your home. You need to prepare for a pair of sport shoes, a shuttle cock, a racket, a badminton shirt, and a friend you can play with. For those who want to have their own unique shirt to play badminton, you can make your specialized jersey on custom.co.id, one among the recommended badminton jersey maker in West Jakarta. By using the service provided by custom.co.id, you can use your own design in basically every part of the jersey. You can also order only one shirt of your own, or order several shirts for your team. Ordering in this company is considerably easy, with only four steps needed. The very first step is to select one of the product provided by the company. There are many types of jersey available in this company, not only limited to badminton ones. Next, upload the design of your jersey by using the simulator provided by the website, or your own design. Once you finish, confirm your order and pay it accordingly. After that, just wait for your custom shirt to be sent to your house.

Custom.co.id provides two types of clothing you can choose for your jersey. The characteristics of each materials will be shown on the list below:

  • Microfiber: this materials is a mix of polyester, spandex, and nylon. It has a doff color, same thickness as hivetex, not transparent, follow your body lone, and porous and soft texture. The porous texture give a cool sensation when you wear it.
  • Hivetex: also known as polyester, it has soft and octagonal porous texture, a doff color with slightly more thickness, not transparent, and follow your body line. This cloth can absorb your sweats effectively thanks to its high absorption ability, which is good for sweaty sport like badminton.